Grannies On The Road

RVing across America. One small town, beach, park, mountain, flea market, BBQ joint, soda shop, junk shop and diner, at a time.

How it all started

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Grannies On The Road

Hi, my name is Janet. I’m 64 years old. Married with 2 grown children and 2 stepchildren and 6 grandchildren between us. I lived in Richmond, Va. the first 50 years of my life. In 2003, we moved to Myrtle Beach, SC.

This all started last year. I guess I was having a late mid-life crisis. I figured I was 63 years old. If I was going to see this country, I better hurry up and get going. You see, my husband has been everywhere he ever wanted to go. I, on the other hand was too busy raising my kids or I didn’t have the money. Or both.

Every time I thought about going somewhere, it was going to cost a fortune for hotels and restaurants.

I was getting a little discouraged. That’s when I started looking into RVs. I saw one on Craig’s List for $19,000.00. It was a small class C or maybe a B+. Anyway, we drove about 150 miles to go look at it. It was nice enough, but when I sat in the driver’s seat and turned around, it looked like the length of a football field back there. I got so scared I wouldn’t even drive the thing. (It was only 20’). So, we drove back home without it. I told my husband that was it; I’m going to forget the whole thing. But, he knew better.

Low and behold, 2 weeks went by and I was back on Craig’s List. This time there was another small class C just up the highway from our house. AND, cheap! I gave them a call to see if it was still available. They said it was, but another couple was on their way to look at it. I made a mad dash up there to take a look. HUM! It was ok, but the interior was nasty! It’s a 2000 Fleetwood Tioga and it had less miles on it than the first one I had looked at and they only wanted $11,000.00 for it. Just then, here comes the other couple. I asked the salesman how much deposit they required. He said $500.00 so I wrote him a check right there. This little rig had my name all over it. Now, I was still afraid to drive it, but he said I could drive it around the field next to their lot. Not bad! Then he put the dealer tags on it and out on the highway I went. Yikes!

It was pretty scary, but I did okay though. So back to the office we went and I signed the papers. I did get him down to $10,000.00. I felt good about that! WELL, HELLO! DA! Let me just say this is NOT the smartest thing to do. I hadn’t even had a mechanic look it. Oh well. It was mine now.

After I picked it up I took it right home and started ripping the window treatments down and took the cushion covers off and threw them away. Then I bleached it from top to bottom. I made all new curtains and cushion covers and replaced the shades with new mini blinds.

I finally got around to having it checked out. It sat in the shop for 2 weeks before they got around to it. They said everything looked good as far as the truck was concerned. Now I had to take it to an RV repair place so they could look at the coach. It sat there for a month. But, I lucked out again. It just needed new batteries.

Other than that, I looked up You Tube videos and learned how to blow the soot out of the back of the refrigerator so it would work and I had to replace the thermostat for the heater to work and a couple of water hoses.

Somebody was definitely looking out for me.

I named her Agnes after my Grandma. Whenever you asked Agnes is she wanted to go anywhere, she’d say, “just let me go to the bank”. I told everyone she had a sex change operation. (The rig, not my grandma). Because before I got her, well she just wasn’t that pretty. She might be old, but she’s looking good now!



RVing across America. One small town, beach, park, mountain, flea market, BBQ joint, soda shop, junk shop and diner, at a time.

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